Duo bike


The child duo-bike has been developed in such a way that disabilities such as balance disorders, motor and sensory impairments, reduced muscle strength and/or lack of spatial awareness no longer stand in the way of cycling. Thanks to the unique seating facility at the front, children with Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, muscular diseases and/or congenital brain injuries, among others, can use this bicycle.
The Duo bike is designed for children aged from about 4 to about 11 years, or a body height of 90 to 145 cm. The large adjustment range allows the bike to perfectly follow the height development of these children.

For adults:
The Fun2Go is a duo bike where the rider and passenger sit side by side. The driver has the ability to steer and brake, the passenger does not. However, the passenger can pedal along. The swivel seat makes getting on very easy. We have a duo bike with electric assistance and a duo bike without electric assistance.

We have 1 child duo bike in our range and 3 adult duo bikes, with electric assistance.

Our prices are:
€ 25,00 per day for the child duo bike
€ 125,00 per week

€ 50,00 per day for the electric adult duo-bike
€ 250,00 per week

We also have a wheelchair bike in our range.