• city ​​bike
    these have 3 gears, there are in ladies and men's models and in different sizes.
  • for the children we have small children's bikes and a trailer bike that they can pedal themselves.
  • e-bike
    for an extra helping hand
  • hybrid bike
    for long distances in the Netherlands, these bikes have 3x7 gears, there are in ladies   and men's models.
  • tandem bike
    fun for 2, fun for a family or company outing.

  • electric tandem
    fub for 2 with an extra helping hand.

  • panent-child tandem
    the child sits at the front, the parent is behind and steers

  • triotrapper bike
    with the three of you on a bicycle, ideal if you are with an odd number, we've got 2 of these.

  • triotrappertje bike
    with the three of you on a bicycle, we've got 2 different; 1 aduld and 2 kids or 2 adults and 1 child. Children can cycle at their own seat at the front.
  • mountain bike
    we have 26 '' in the rental and a single 29 ''

  • luxe mountainbike
    with disc brake, 29''
  • road bike
    these are from our own brand Pherini in various sizes and finish. As an extra option, pedals can be rented from: look, spd, spd sl or a seat post luggage carrier for a maximum load of 5 kg. Reservation is recommended.
  • classic cargo bike
    we have 5 classic carrier bikes for rent. With a new wooden box L.174-B.82-H.25  and an old wooden box L.174-B.92-H.30 Only on reservation. It's not a electric cargo bike!

  • cargo bike
    we have 1 cargo bike, for 2 childeren or a maxi cosi and 1 child, option is a hood.

  • duo bike
    Would you like to cycle, but you are not able to drive independently?
    The Duo bike is a three-wheel tandem where the users sit next to each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two people both have a good view and can communicate well with each other due to the sitting positions next to each other. The riders can get on without stepping in and the seats can easily be adjusted to the desired seat distance with a lever. The seats can also be rotated, making it easy to get on. We have one with and one without electrical support.
  • beach cruiser
    we have 5 cruisers and 1 child cruiser from Electra. Striking and relaxed touring through the streets of Eindhoven.

  • folding bike
    this bicycle is a good and compact folding bicycle, we've got 3 bikes. The bicycle is light and easy to carry.
  • aircraft case
  • bicycle trailer for behind a car
    for transporting 12 bicycles or 10 racing bikes or 10 mountain bikes.
  • bicycle trailer for behind a bicycle
    size L.90-B.61-H.36 cm.
  • children's bike trailer
    for transporting max. 2 children. Not for the transport of pets.
  • tilt cart
  • panniers
  • child seat front / rear

Possible damage to the bikes and accessories, which has arisen due to not being careful with the bikes and accessories, we charge for the tenant.